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This company run canteen, severs their employees with crispy dosas without a skilled chef.


Dosa making has been a part of indian culinary. Since ages dosa’s has been prepared with skilled chefs who are involved in preparing dosas with a gas/induction stove. When it comes to preparing dosas in bulk indian chefs have encountered with lot of hassles. Moreover the consistency of dosa could not be met due constant human intervention. One of our customer did encounter with this problem but after switching to Dosamatic, he has never looked back. Let’s here the story of a sea food processing company that runs a canteen for its employees.
Mr Harish, from Alpha Marine says, “Human intervention leads to loss in consistency and quality of dosas made in his canteen”

Let’s get started.

Tell me about your brand and a bit about your team ?

We are a shrimp processing company called as Alpha Marine and currently based out in Nellore. We did come to know about this automated machines which will make life easier for cooking purposes. We came to know that Mukunda Foods are into automated food preparation machine and we went ahead in purchasing this machine.

When and how did you plan to try Dosamatic?

We were preparing the dosas in a conventional way with couple of chefs involved into preparing dosa’s using gas stove. Most of the times the dosas getting over roasted or under roasted or there could be a situation where the dosa was prepared with less oil or more oil. After switching on to dosa machine, only the batter need to be made available along with a person with minimal skill set is more than enough in managing it.

Where do you see the future of Dosamatic?

The machine is used to facilitate the canteen with preparing dosas. Given the requirement there was an intention to reduce human intervention and to make dosas in a more organised way with less errors. The ease of using this Dosamatic very simple we can get dosas made with a push of a button less than a minute.

Do you have any idea to share so that it could be updated in our machine?

We didn’t see it from a commercial angle but wanted to cater to meet the huge requirement from the canteen. Various varieties of dosa could be implemented. Like options for preparing masala dosa and rava dosa.

If there is this one thing that we can update on our services what could it be?

You can explore for possibilities of better designs and better exchange value so that we can upgrade for model with better features.

We’ve reached the end of the session with Mr Harish Kumar, Alpha Marine.

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