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The ‘Asian, Oriental and Italian Food’ Worry


Private Brand – 60 outlets in 3 cities

Problem Statement: Getting chefs that specialised in wok operation proved to be an expensive task. Further, as the brand started to expand, the consistency in taste and quality suffered.

Workshop: The brand was looking to make pasta, noodles, rice, and wok starters automatically. They required the machine to be easy-to-use, so that unskilled labour (trained for less than three days) would be able to operate it. The chef’s expertise would come in only to experiment with the items on the menu.

Solution: Wokie, the automatic Oriental and Italian food-making machine was the answer to this. Its features included wok tossing, temperature and oil control, and automated cleaning.

The Wokie saved the brand 1.2 lakhs a month in company expenses. They were able to add over 350 variations to their menu without hiring additional labour.